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Contemporary and Unique Designs of Florence Broadhurst Fabrics

Blog | August 17th, 2018

Far ahead of her own time, Florence Broadhurst created stunning, elegant, hand-screen printed textile and wallpaper designs that numbered in the hundreds. These luxurious, innovative patterns displayed vivid colours that mirrored Florence’s flamboyant persona and lifestyle. She was born in Australia in 1899 and opened her internationally acclaimed fabric and wallpaper design and production company in 1959.

There is a limited range of the Florence Broadhurst Jacquards available today designed with the capacity of reversal to obtain the opposite colouration patterns of these designs. There is also a small collection of Florence’s indoor/outdoor fabric designs displaying vibrantly coloured Japanese fans and vintage latticework.

Uniquely Artistic Contemporary Designs Displayed by Florence Broadhurst Fabrics

The unique, artfully created patterns displayed on fabrics designed by Florence Broadhurst include the following captivating examples:

• Black and White Japanese Fans. – This bold, black and white Japanese fan design seems to swirl into action, with a strong three-dimensional quality that appears to rise outward from the fabric surface. The overlapping fans seem to move simultaneously, yet each one appears to have its own unique patterns of movement.

This fabric will add a graceful, but dynamic ambiance to an outdoor terrace as an overhead canopy or as indoor drapery fabric for a room with modern, geometrically inspired furniture and decor.

• Horse Stampede Taupe and Black Jacquard Fabric. – This handsome horse stampede design in luxurious taupe and black jacquard fabric will enliven any setting with its motif of continuous movement. Horses with curly, flowing manes run close together, their heads inclined forward and hooves bounding high.

The entire fabric design is covered with horses, and the observer feels the excitement and exhilaration of their rapid pace. This unusual fabric pattern is ideal for use as a soft, movable outdoor wall or a separating curtain in an outside entertainment space.

• Japanese Floral Cream and Gold. – This cream and gold floral pattern in Japanese style sets a tone of calm, sedate luxury and well-being. Its rich colouration and strong, stable flower designs convey a bold exterior artistic style combined with an essence of quiet, delicate elegance.

Each flower seems to display an inner, continuous flow of peacefulness that is well contained within its borders. This beautiful fabric will enhance any luxurious room as a stylish window dressing, a glamourous bed quilt or throw, a wall drape or as dressy furniture upholstery.

By visiting Rosebery Fabrics in Sydney, NSW, you can see for yourself the exceptional creativity and genius of the modern, innovative creations of Florence Broadhurst Fabric designs. You can also view these unique fabric patterns and motifs by accessing our website at RoseberyFabrics.com.au.

Our fabrics experts are always available to advise and assist you with selecting an ideal design and fabric from this stunningly beautiful and empowering collection by one of Australia’s most famous textile designers. Contact or visit us today for more information and a viewing of our outstanding fabric displays.

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