Sunbrella Fabric
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Sunbrella Fabric
Sunbrella fabric is a high-performance textile renowned for its exceptional durability, fade resistance, and weather resistance. It is specifically designed to withstand the harsh effects of sunlight, making it a popular choice for outdoor furniture, awnings, marine upholstery, and other applications that require long-lasting performance in challenging environments. Here's a description of Sunbrella fabric and its notable features:

  1. Superior Durability: Sunbrella fabric is engineered to be exceptionally durable, making it ideal for outdoor settings. It is made from solution-dyed acrylic fibers that are inherently resistant to UV rays, mold, mildew, and rot. This fabric can withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, wind, and other environmental factors without losing its strength or colour vibrancy.
  2. Fade Resistance: One of the standout features of Sunbrella fabric is its unparalleled fade resistance. The fibers used in Sunbrella fabrics are saturated with colour during the manufacturing process, ensuring that the vibrant hues stay true and resist fading even with prolonged exposure to sunlight. This fade resistance allows the fabric to maintain its original appearance and colours for an extended period.
  3. All-Weather Performance: Sunbrella fabric is designed to withstand various weather conditions. It is water-resistant, allowing it to repel water and dry quickly, preventing the growth of mold and mildew. Additionally, the fabric is resistant to stains, making it easier to clean and maintain. It can also withstand high levels of humidity, saltwater, and chlorinated water, making it suitable for coastal areas or poolside furniture.
  4. Wide Range of Applications: Sunbrella fabric is incredibly versatile and finds use in numerous outdoor applications. It is commonly used for outdoor cushions, patio furniture, umbrellas, awnings, boat covers, and even outdoor curtains. The fabric's durability and weather resistance make it an excellent choice for any outdoor space, whether it's a residential patio, a commercial outdoor seating area, or a marine setting.
  5. Comfort and Softness: Despite its exceptional durability, Sunbrella fabric remains comfortable and soft to the touch. The fabric has a pleasant feel and offers a level of comfort that makes it suitable for outdoor seating and lounging. It is designed to be gentle on the skin and provides a cozy and inviting surface for relaxation.
  6. Colour and Design Options: Sunbrella fabric offers a vast array of color options, patterns, and designs to suit different tastes and design preferences. Whether you prefer vibrant solids, classic stripes, or sophisticated prints, Sunbrella fabric provides a broad selection to complement various outdoor aesthetics and create personalized outdoor spaces.
  7. Longevity and Warranty: Sunbrella fabric is known for its longevity and comes with a warranty that guarantees its performance and durability. The fabric's ability to withstand the elements and retain its appearance for an extended period ensures that investments in outdoor furniture and accessories made with Sunbrella fabric are built to last.

In summary, Sunbrella fabric is a high-performance material that excels in outdoor environments. Its exceptional durability, fade resistance, all-weather performance, and comfort make it an ideal choice for outdoor furniture and accessories. With its wide range of colour and design options, Sunbrella fabric allows individuals to create stylish and inviting outdoor spaces that can withstand the rigours of the elements while maintaining their aesthetic appeal for years to come.
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00:45 17 Nov 23
I had a few questions regarding the care required for the Sunbrella Burgundy fabric I have and the 10 year warranty on the fabric. I wasn't sure how to best care for my Bimini that uses the same Fabric. We spoke for a few seconds with that online chat app. I really don’t like those. However, Lee immediately called me to have a chat. I can’t even begin to explain what that means vs. typing War and Peace vs. a much more professional and personalised call. Lee was very friendly, professional, articulate and very honest and upfront. Providing me with relevant logical advice. No catches. That works for me every time. Why wouldn’t it? Bottom line. I have zero hesitation dealing with these guys going forward. Trust is earn’t, not freely given. I have no doubt Lee (and his team) will offer the same level of professional personal care that he offered me.
Rick ScaveraRick Scavera
01:34 08 Nov 23
Andrew CampbellAndrew Campbell
03:39 31 Oct 23
I found them online and am so happy that I did. I bought some canvas to rebuild my awning. Friendly staff and great service. I can't recommend them highly enough.Andrew C.
J NoaJ Noa
00:28 31 Oct 23
I couldn’t recommend Lee and the guys at Roseberry fabrics enough. A wide range of material for all your upholstery needs and the know how to get even the biggest novices such as myself on track.Will be returning for all my fabric needs
A wonderful supplier of ours! Very helpful and always quality products!
Peter WilsonPeter Wilson
08:42 12 Oct 23
These guys were recommended to me, OMG I can see why! Amazing service and speed of delivery. I was also looking for some eyelets and following a quick phone call they were added to my canvas. Many thanks!
jeff harrisjeff harris
07:28 20 Sep 23
Thomas BarlowThomas Barlow
06:51 29 Aug 23
After seeing the positive reviews, I emailed through an enquiry for some fabric I was looking for, and the response I got back was “try Etsy”
Thomas AtkinsonThomas Atkinson
04:18 11 Aug 23
Roslyn HartensteinRoslyn Hartenstein
08:31 27 Jul 23
Great range of upholstery fabrics and wonderful service. Can highly recommend.Very happy with our purchase.
Natalie LabNatalie Lab
04:54 15 Jul 23
Thank you Lee for your time over the phone today. I was enquiring about a fabric and Lee was able to provide me with excellent advice and care instructions. Very knowledgeable!
Taylah HasaballahTaylah Hasaballah
07:06 07 Jul 23
Great selection of fabrics and very knowledgeable
jeanette van den Hurkjeanette van den Hurk
10:37 30 Jun 23
Thanks for having the fabric I needed. Service with a smile, competitive pricing. Very happy customer.
Bec “Bec”Bec “Bec”
06:24 22 Jun 23
I called into Rosebery Fabrics yesterday on a whim, looking for a particular Warwick fabric to recover some chairs. The item wasn't in stock but the friendly people at Rosebery Fabrics placed an order for me and arranged to have it delivered straight to my home - super helpful. I also found a gorgeous fabric in stock and can't wait to make some fabulous cushions. Next time I'm in the neighbourhood, I'll be calling in to getsome more fabric. Highly recommend a visit if you're looking for high quality fabrics and great customer service!
David CooperDavid Cooper
03:09 21 Jun 23
Great selection of materials and very helpful advice.Replaced the boom cover and very happy with the result.
Kikelomo AbegundeKikelomo Abegunde
09:10 01 Jun 20
Short review: Lee is competitively priced, a consummate professional, excellent in communicating, and offers an incredible turnaround time.Long review: I initially came across Rosebery Fabrics when I was looking to have a vintage chaise lounge recovered, and I could not possibly be more pleased nor any happier with the product Lee produced.I turned up to Lee's shop in Surry Hills, showed him a photo of my lounge and a general idea of what I wanted. He met every level of criteria that I needed when looking for an upholsterer, someone who is diligent about their craft, knowledgeable about fabrics and suppliers, and who can consult based on the client's preferences and personality.With his guidance, I had an abundance of fabric samples to choose from, he communicated with me throughout the process, and turned around a pretty complex piece in record time. I'm really happy and I love my lounge to bits
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