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Pacifica Marine Vinyl

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Pacifica Marine Vinyl Fabric

Rosebery Fabrics Provides The Best Marine Vinyl For All Purposes

We at Rosebery Fabrics offer the most high performance range of marine vinyl fabrics in Australia. The Pacifica, Carr and Ultimax marine vinyl is ideal material for use in commercial & residential upholstery. The Pacifica is a cost-effective option for upholstered furniture in business settings that is exposed to high traffic areas. The Ultimax range of synthetic leather has the luxurious look & feel of genuine leather hide, with all the advantages of a fully specified technical heavy duty commercial vinyl. Its soft and supple leather grain surface combined with its premium suede backing makes it fantastic to work with and have all the visual traits of authentic leather. The applications for Carr vinyl are only limited by your imagination. Carr has development and innovation provide a quality vinyl fabric which is one of the benchmark for marine and commercial upholstery. Our collection of vinyl fabrics have been carefully selected and tested with in our business to give our clients a superior performance fabric with excellent balance between price and quality.

The following are some advantages of these fabrics:

  • Our marine vinyl fabrics are high performance with superior quality
  • They are hard-wearing
  • We also offer the best prices in this range in the region

Therefore, we invite one and all to visit our website and get the best combination of quality and prices for such products.

A few things to know about vinyl 

The thing with vinyl is that it is a material that most people know little about. One only comes to know about this once they have achieved a degree of proficiency in areas such as home improvement, clothing or arts and crafts. Vinyl comes with several interesting properties that make it a highly desirable fabric for people who are into arts and crafts: 

  • It is highly durable
  • It is easy to maintain the material
  • It is waterproof too

The benefits of vinyl

The waterproof nature of the material is one of its biggest virtues that endear it so much to crafters around the world. 

Our products always perform
This is the reason why we have been the most trusted brand in the industry in all these years of our existence.

We save our clients from compromising 

When our clients buy marine vinyl fabrics from us, they can be sure that they are never compromising. This is because our products offer the best performance in this range in Australia. We know how much boat owners love and depend on their vehicles. We know it is more of a passion for them than a matter of livelihood. Therefore, we ask people to buy from us so that they do not have to cut corners in critical areas such as quality and performance.