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Sunbrella Acrylic Canvas and Their Unique Qualities

Blog | June 25th, 2018

Sunbrella acrylic canvas fabrics of the finest quality are waterproof, UV stabilised and easy to clean and maintain. They also have anti-mildew and anti-mould properties, and they have undergone high strength evaluations and high Martindale Rubs to test for textile abrasion resistance levels. There is a varied and attractive selection of colour, pattern and texture choices available today for both indoor upholstery and outdoor patio or deck cushion covers and poolside awnings or canopies.

Sunbrella acrylic canvas designed for outdoor use is manufactured of sunbrella acrylic fibres with coloration added during the fabric production process. This canvas has the volume and feel of cotton, but is very durable, resisting fading or thinning with use. It is composed of 100 percent solution-dyed sunbrella acrylic and has proven through practical use to be the ideal solution for enhancing attractive, unique and comfortable outdoor entertainment areas for your home.

Unique Properties and Qualities of Sunbrella Acrylic Canvas

Innovative and unique qualities and properties of sunbrella acrylic canvas fabrics used for interior and exterior home decor enhancement include the following features:

• Sun & Climate Proof.
– Sunbrella acrylic canvas fabrics that are produced to withstand direct, sweltering sunbeams on the hottest days of summer are often in high demand for use in making poolside umbrellas and larger canopies for outdoor cooking and eating areas. They are also in popular use for production of awnings for patios, terraces and deck areas that are exposed to glaring sunlight during part of the day.

Because of the innovative technology used in manufacturing the yarn used to make this extremely durable sunbrella acrylic canvas, items created from it will not fade or streak when exposed to bright sunlight regularly. This sturdy canvas is also designed to weather harsh winter storms and freezing temperatures while maintaining its attractive colours and patterns.

• Pollution-Protection Sunbrella Acrylic Canvas.
– This specialised sunbrella acrylic canvas has the usual properties of being waterproof, mould and mildew-resistant and designed to resist fading and streaking. The composition of this canvas fabric includes an advanced soil release finish to avoid the accumulation of dirt, dust and debris.

It is actually resistant to damage from the majority of chemical pollutants found near industrial sites. This specialised, highly durable canvas is used for making outdoor lawn and garden furniture upholstery, patio umbrellas, window awnings and outdoor window shades.

When you consult the experts at Rosebery Fabrics in Sydney, NSW, you will receive top caliber advice and a wide variety of colours, patterns and textures of sunbrella acrylic canvas from which to make your selection. Whether you need climate-proof window awnings or pollution protection canopies for your outdoor leisure and entertainment areas, this professional, experienced team is equipped with all the knowledge and expertise to provide you with exemplary guidance.

These top-tier pros will steer you toward making the best possible buying choice to satisfy all your preferences and requirements for your sunbrella acrylic canvas home decor needs. No indoor or outdoor decor installation or update is ever too small or large for these upholstery and canvas experts. You can count on this team to ensure that the excellent quality sunbrella acrylic canvas you select will upgrade your interior or exterior home design with highly attractive colours, patterns and textures that will offer long-lasting durability, beauty and allure to brighten and enliven your home living environment.


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